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Many people think that patience is a sign of weakness. I think this is a mistake. It is anger that is a sign of weakness, whereas patience is a sign of strength.


Reza Afshar

Reza Afshar

Coincheck was hacked

Coincheck the Tokyo based exchange for cryptocurency was hacked. I got a feeling we will see more coming. How many were hacked this last year? I’ll start gathering information in the news about hacks. Fun.

Developing inner values is much like physical exercise. The more we train our abilities, the stronger they become. The difference is that, unlike the body, when it comes to training the mind, there is no limit to how far we can go.

— Dalaï-lama

Government for the people

The government should be about governing the people, an organized group of people. It’s representing the people. All people.


spring come early


Spring cannot come soon enough!

Some Basic Rules for Securing Your IoT Stuff

Brian Krebs advice on securing your IoT stuff should be common sense especially based on what happened when a malware like Mirai or his brother Satori spread within the IoT ecosystem to even within cryptocurrency mining rigs. Everyone should take a workshop on securing their network with a firewall, or better yet having a network that’s not connected to the internet. These device will be more susceptible to hackers, its just a matter of time.

If you are running a variant of linux, check out ufw, the uncomplicated firewall. If you are running Windows check out this guide. If you are running MacOS check the following guide. All common routers have firewalls included already so do spend the time to read the manual and turn it on. I don’t know if I would trust every brand out there to have it on by default.

Nintendo Labo, genius!

Shut up Nintendo and take my money™ I can’t believe this is a thing. Launching April 20th. That’s going to be a long wait.

Indigenous, the people of the land


While growing in northern Québec, I always wondered why we were not exposed to a more indigenous food. Where is the food of the people, the indigenous people? Its not in the realm of the media and it’s not something that we hear about. I think it should be upfront and center. How can the love of the land doesn’t include indigenous food? Hunting and foraging for food is primordial and should be the way to sustain ourself. Now if only we could learn that in school!? Im happy then more people are making pushing to take back what is theirs. Turkey anyone?

“My grandmothers taught me from a young age that I shouldn’t feel sorry for killing animals, since they suffer and are lonely if they are not hunted. We respect animals and pray to the animal spirits to show our thanks.”

“Embracing this cuisine is a form of taking back what is ours.” Indigenous cooks reshape Canada’s culinary landscape. @nytfood


Federal gov’t removes poster after online backlash over Indigenous stereotypes @CBCIndigenous


Can’t make this stuff up.

Building A Log Cabin in the Wilderness

Do watch this incredible time-lapse youtube video. The guy build is own log cabin in the wilderness in Canada by himself and get this, only using hand tools. This is incredible and something I wish I could do myself. Having land where I could do it and having the time to be able to do it. Outstanding!