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Using Linux Tools To Send To DayOne App

Ive started getting back into journaling with DayOne recently. The reason why I like using DayOne is supper simple. It’s a great interface. The sync features is great. It works with IFTTT. It great with photo journaling. It has a bunch of workflow goodness on the iOS platform using and launch center pro. The problem I do have is that I spend quite a bit of time using my Debian box. I hope my information is secured in the clouds within DayOne biosphere. In short I love being able to use the app on my iOS devices. One thing that was bothering me a bit was that I wanted to be able to use it on my computer which like I said its running Debian. I stumbled awhile ago jrnl. Its a great way to keep a journal using the command line which is where I like to live. I wanted to send my journal entries to DayOne from jrnl which is super easy. On this computer I also setup mutt with my gmail account. The glue between jrnl and DayOne is I have a recipe that when I send an email to it forwards it to my DayOne journal. The recipe in question is this one applets.

$ jrnl “Hey look, im using the command line to send to DayOne” $ jrnl -n 1 | mutt -s “command line awesomeness”

How cool is that? Maybe I can also send my DayOne entry to jrnl.