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Building A Log Cabin in the Wilderness

Do watch this incredible time-lapse youtube video. The guy build is own log cabin in the wilderness in Canada by himself and get this, only using hand tools. This is incredible and something I wish I could do myself. Having land where I could do it and having the time to be able to do it. Outstanding!


La Fille Blanc - Loic Le Groumellec


Loic Le Groumellec Maison, 2013 laque sur toile

Dark Light


by AdamScythe on DeviantArt


Im baffled by people that need to be told that we should focus on core values as oppose to either anti-trump or pro-trump. Isn’t it common sense? We should always focus on the truth as oppose to lies. We, humans, are better then this.

Etherealistique - Lee Ufan


David Letterman lands on Netflix

I can’t wait for this new netflix television show. Starting January 12, dont miss it.

David Letterman has amassed an all-star roster of guests for his Netflix talk show series, titled My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman.

The 60-minute show will stream monthly with the first episode launching on Friday, Jan. 12 and the additional five episodes streaming, one a month, after that.

Letterman will kick off the series with a chat with Barack Obama, with the interview serving as the former president's first talk-show appearance since leaving office.

Other guests set for Letterman's series are George Clooney, Malala Yousafzai, Jay-Z, Tina Fey and Howard Stern.

Psychedelic Fish

If you do find yourself experiencing intense fish-inspired nightmares, remember: It’s all your in head. But it was all in the salema porgy’s head first.

Need to Know

Salema porgy is available throughout the Mediterranean, particularly along the French Riviera. Most aren't poisonous, but just to play it safe, maybe order the salmon.

Pervasive behavior of the brotopia

I just cant understand why men think they are better. Its pervasive and it should be stopped. Its ridiculous to think that women wouldn’t be able to do the same thing if they are put in the same position. Apparently they are not on the same level according to this article. Its a shame. Anyone engaging into this kind of activity should be treated the same. Rules are meant to be broken but the consequences should be equal. Its plain stupid.

FBI Increases Its Anti-Encryption Rhetoric

The race to end encryption from the FBI is fascinating to me. Why would any agencies want to do this is beyond me? The simple fact is that they also rely on it and would be detrimental for them if they didnt have encryption.

La mécanique de l’Histoire


The installation was strategically placed over the Panthéon’s Foucault Pendulum, which was devised by French physicist Léon Foucault and offers an easy-to-understand demonstration of Earth’s rotation. Commonly replicated at science museums around the world, the Panthéon’s pendulum has been the most well-known since its inception in 1851. According to co-producers Théâtre de la Ville, Bourgeois’s work is a meditation on Earth’s gravity.