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5 Things you should know about plant based meat

Plant based meat ain’t the fix that I was looking for. It’s looking like a processed food alternative to processed meat. In my book, a lost. Lot’s more information from Juliette Luini on the website defining those next points.

We’re inundated with talk of plant-based meat, so we’ve teamed up with the True Health Initiative to suss out what we know and, as important, what we don’t regarding how products from Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat influence animal welfare, the environment, and our health.

Here are five takeaways from the talk:

  • Plant-based meats are obviously better for animal rights, but replacing a beef burger with a Beyond burger isn’t going to save the planet from climate change.

  • Vegetables are better for the environment than plant-based meats.

  • Plant-based meats are ultra-processed, but beef has a hefty ingredient list, too.

  • The health impacts of plant-based meat are TBD.

  • If you’re a carnivore, switching from a beef burger to a plant-based burger is a good thing for your health, the health of the planet, as well as animals. But if you are comfortable with plants tasting like plants, just stick to unprocessed vegetables and grains.