my laboratory experiment served hot by Benoit Beauchamp

Setting yourself up for deep focus

I have started to notice my day going by without a meaningful awareness of my daily actions. I did things here and there but I didn’t feel complete. The sense of accomplishment like figuring out some python code or that math problem or the idea behind a plot.

To remedy to this situation I want to add daily practices and setting time to do them. Not only this will give me a schedule to work from but it will also give me time to set myself up to work on one big project that requires all my focus. I can work with a schedule but sometimes I just need to know that in the afternoon, I have the time to focus on this one project. My daily ritual will get out of the way of my deep focus project. On the flip side of this during my deep focus project, I wont try to check twitter, I wont try to read the latest news flash. I will be able to give my full attention to this one thing.

My project is learning python. Im using it with this website through pelican. What my ah-AH moment was I figured out how to fix a non-working piece of code in python called spotify-ripper. Its those little moment where you spent half you morning in deep focus and though WOW that was fun. I wish I could do that more often. Well, yep, I can.