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Have I done enough?

Should I have done more?

With all of those sexual assault case popping up all over the place one has to wonder if one has done enough. Its crazy to me that something like haven’t been brought forward by people. People are good right? Right?

I think that all of this is fucking crazy. Reading Anthony Bourdain article in is eye opening and also at the same time sad. I believe you are either part of the problem or doing something about it. I remember when I was working in retail, someone made a joke that was condescending and at the same time sexual. I immediately reported it to HR. I didnt confront the guy but that was not my place to do it. Someone else job and for once, I liked how HR dealt with it to some extent except I would have fired him.

It seems vulgar to me that either sexism or racism is still thriving to this day. Reporter Tracie Mcmillan wrote about her experience in which is eye-opening again. Being part of this kind of club is bullshit. It breath the same air then all of the Weinstein stories. Its toxic and it will bring a lot of people down. I hope that the lawsuit against The Weinstein Company will serve proper justice. Good for Dominique Huett to sue them

The ‘meathead’ culture is and will probably will be there for awhile. I wonder if someone could do something about it?